Mission Statement

If you’ve found this blog than I don’t really have to tell you that I’m an artist, a comic book letterer, or an indie author, do I? Good, glad that’s out of the way. I’ve gotten paid for my art since my teens, have been lettering comic books since 2007, and dove head first into self-publishing in 2010.

This blog will focus on my art, lettering, and journey as an indie author. Let’s call it a professional blog, or if you prefer, a work blog. Why blog about work? Well, I love what I do. Most of the time. And don’t we all talk about the things we love?

So, you should expect to see blog entries about what artwork I’m creating, what comic books I’m lettering, and what stories I’m writing. I doubt I will have a regular schedule, but you can count on at least a post a week.

Part of starting this blog is to challenge myself, and another is to reach out and find a larger audience for my writing. Currently my art and lettering pay the bills and warrant most of my time. Being an indie author has been relegated to a spare time hobby, but I really want to change that. I’m not sure how, or in what way this blog can help me do it, but that’s something I’m hoping to gain by blogging.