New This Week

A pretty hefty week as far as my lettering releases go!

ALL STAR BATMAN #11| $4.99AllStarBatman11-2-600x280
Unless you live under a rock, you’re already reading All Star Batman and loving it. You’re also probably aware that it’s coming to an end at issue 14. I’ve no idea what my future holds as far as lettering a batman book but this book has been a career highlight. Getting to letter JrJr on the first arc was a full circle moment for me. John Romita Jr is one of the reasons I wanted to make comics. And I’ve worked with Scott for many years now and he’s just as cool and as kind as they come. He can also write the hell out of bats.
AQUAMAN #25| $3.99aqm
Aquaman is a new gig for me. I was asked to join the new creative team as part of a new direction for the book. Once I saw the art I signed on immediately. I’ll be honest, I’ve not read much Aquaman ever, but I’m looking forward to being a part of the new team and seeing what life is like in the depths of Atlantis.
I love working on Descender with Jeff and Dustin. They are easily two of the coolest dudes in comics and they have been creating one of the best space operas since Star Wars and I’ve been there from the start. Not only do I letter the book, but I also design some of the elements too.
ROYAL CITY #04| $3.9902_royalcity04
I work on a lot of books with Jeff. He does huge books, cape books, all kinds of books. But my favorites of his are Essex County, The Underwater Welder, and Roughneck (the latter two I lettered) and this is more in line with those but at the very beginning. Looking forward to seeing where Royal City goes.
TRINITY #10| $3.99Trinity-10-page-4
You like Batman? Superman? Wonder Woman? Then you like Trinity. Trinity captures the essence of DC’s trinity every issue, and does it with beautiful visuals.



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