Out Last Week

Well, I ended up getting slammed and couldn’t get a post in last week, so here it is–lettered by me! Only a few days late. Not much this week, but gems all.


ADHCOne of the coolest books I’ve ever lettered, AD After Death, in Hardcover format. If you waited till the collected edition was here, this is for you. If you’ve already got the singles, than you probably still want to grab one of these. Image sent me a nice big box of them, and they are freakin’ gorgeous.

FLASH #25| $3.99


I can’t say enough good things about The Flash. It’s everything good superheroes comics should be. This one’s oversized for the 25th issue!

UNDERWINTER #04| $3.99


Ray Fawkes’ Underwinter is an unnerving slow descent into horror. It’s feels part Clive Barker and part Dario Argento and entirely Fawkes.


Till next time!


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